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COVID-19 — A Personal Wallet to Share COVID-19 Results.

The use of a Personal Mobile Credential to prove COVID-19 test status.

The problem:

The COVID-19 crisis will subside and millions of individuals will need to get back to normal life.

The only way to ensure that the pandemic is contained is by increased testing and verification of the population. Therefore, individuals must have the ability to share the results of their COVID-19 test with unrelated parties via proper consent and in a secure manner.

The discussions around a COVID-19 certificate grows louder, as economies around the world remain in turmoil, due to the inability to re-open and define the new normal until testing and reporting can be performed.

We foresee the rapid deployment and adoption of a COVID-19 “passport” that enables the mobility of citizens.

A key problem is the deployment of new tools and process that are individual centric, within a complex supply chain, composed of multiple silos, compliance requirements and inflexible processes designed to protect the current status.

The key questions are— How do you provide such personal information in a way that; easily integrates to already established processes ? preserves the individual’s privacy? And can be trusted by the other party ?

This post is a discussion around a possible solution to address this challenge.

One that allows for the electronic representation of COVID-19 test status, in a manner that can be trusted by the unrelated parties, under the control of the individual. Utilizing current technology standards to enable rapid integration to current systems, allowing for interoperability between organizations and delivering a scalable solution, while complying with HIPAA and privacy requirements.


Our individual centric approach focuses on meeting the objectives of the three key stakeholders in the transactions:

  • The individual

  • The provider of the information

  • The consumer of the information

The following is a high level overview of the process.

Identity of the individual

For any solution to be successful it has to provide a strong method to validate proper ownership of the identity, and their COVID-19 test results.

It also have to be able to offer method that can be used by everyone, including the forgotten and underserved communities. Individuals which may not have identity information or are unwilling to share it.

Under such constraints, we are proposing the following key modules for capturing the identity of the individual:

Individual Identity Onboarding Process

One method is for the individual that has a relationship with an insurance company or heath provider, and they want to use such identification.