Digital identity is a foundational component of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
This blog is focused on innovation using digital identity, data and business model canvas.

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May 29, 2017

Trust = “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”[1]


Is it possible to develop a model that provides users with the ability evaluate and trust a conversational smart bot before engaging with them?

Can Distributed Ledger technology be utilized to develop a data driven trust model that[MQ1]  is rooted in the amount of transactions that th...

March 25, 2017

Having just returned from attending the 2017 Mobile World in Barcelona, which is the biggest mobile technology conference in the world, I was left with the reality that Mobile World had an amazing display of technologies; but sadly there was a lack of applied innovation for these technologies.

There were plenty of companies (2200 exhibitors) in attendance displaying their technology, descr...

May 28, 2015

Uber is testing their platform model by focusing on product market fit in the taxi industry. However, Uber’s ultimate market disruption, the need for capital, and the valuation that they command, is because they are focused on a multitude of markets – all utilizing common technology and infrastructure. Uber can provide the consumer with a 360 degree view and access to services, transporta...

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February 22, 2018

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