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We are committed to assisting multicultural entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses through a range of services, including strategy consulting, market research, business development, branding, and marketing.


By working with the entrepreneurs to achieve clarity around:
Go to Market Strategy

Scalable Business Models
Funding Strategy


Market Segments that we focus on

Cybersecurity - Digital Identity Stack
Ecommerce - Business to Business
Healthcare - Remote Patient Products
EdTech - Educational Platforms (Decentralized and Centralized)


Services that we provide

Strategy Advisory Services: Product, Market & Business to Business Sales
Business Model Design
Tokenomics Design and Review 


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Entrepreneur feedback

"Thank you for guidance, especially your dedication to narrowing down the value proposition to its essence and building the company communication around it has been proven to be invaluable."

"Thanks for all of the insight to help me define the correct goals and measurement of success to help me gauge my decisions."

"Tu eres un genio, muy agradecido contigo."

"thank you for helping me evaluate the deal.."

Proudly working with entrepreneurs from the following organizations:

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